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if a person is suffering, whether from illness or persecution or prejudice or whatever, they should always, with very few exceptions, be allowed to joke about and poke fun at the causes of their own suffering.

black people are allowed to make black jokes, because it helps them cope with the shit they get for being black.

gay people are allowed to make gay jokes, because it repurposes the slings and arrows society throws at them.

depressed people are allowed to make jokes about depression, because those jokes make an answer to the suffering that is intrinsic to being clinically depressed.

this is difficult, because it might not always be clear from context, especially to someone overhearing the jest, that the person making it is themselves in the AoE of the joke. it might not always be clear to a third party that the joke is an attempt at someone using humor to lighten their own burden, and not someone legitimately disparaging the people the joke targets.

but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to make those jokes. humor is one of the tools we have to answer suffering. with only the fewest exceptions, people who are suffering need to have access to it.

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    YES. A thousand times, YES.
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    I love making jokes about my queerness, because some days it’s either that or cry for hours because of the most recent...
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    yeah dude that seems the fairest to me like I’m obviously not a Humor Expert (I think my blog is pretty good evidence of...
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    agree dead dad and homelessness jokes for all (me)
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    This is a really good post. Where would I be if I couldn’t make fun of myself for my ridiculous life? If I couldn’t make...